E-reader? Not so much any more.

I’ve returned to reading hard copies of books and magazines. For the last four years or so, I’d read most books and magazines on my iPad. I enjoyed the convenience of immediately reading a book after downloading it. I also enjoyed having multiple reading options in a single, easy to carry e-reader. I could switch from a book on the Kindle app to The Economist within seconds, and check email in between the two. I multi-tasked like a master…or so I thought.

I eventually realized I wasn’t getting as much out of using my iPad as I thought I was. I ultimately felt distracted by using an e-reader. I didn’t really read on it, at least not in a traditional sense. I might read a page or two and then switch to Twitter. Then I might read another two paragraphs and check Facebook. Then I might read another page and reply to an email. I reached the point where I didn’t sustain my concentration on reading for more than a few minutes. I haven’t had a problem with that for a long time.

I still rely upon hard copies on my law practice. I typically print cases, briefs, and motions instead of reading them on a computer. I comprehend more of a written work when I read a hard copy instead of when I read something on a computer screen. Why should reading for pleasure be any different?

To be sure, I also want to model reading for my infant twins. I think it will be easier and more effective to do so using hard copies.

So, I’ve come full circle. I’ve changed my magazine subscription preferences to hard copy where possible. Today, I actually bought a book from a bookstore for personal enjoyment. I don’t see me using my iPad as an e-reader anytime soon.


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