Why I write this blog

I’m taking the Word Press “Blogging 101” course. The first topic is straightforward enough: Write about “who I am and why I’m here.”

Who I am

The who I am is easy enough, particularly from a professional side. I’m a lawyer based out of the greater Houston area. I’ve practiced law since the fall of 2001. I specialize in civil litigation, i.e., disputes about money. My primary areas of practice include insurance-related matters, commercial litigation, and personal injury defense. You can read all about my law firm, McCormick, Lanza & McNeel, LLP.  I also mediate civil disputes, i.e., I try to help both sides to a dispute see if they can reach common ground. You can read more about my mediation practice, Schmella Mediation, PLLC.

Personally, I’m a husband to a lovely wife. I’m a new parent to two wonderful infants, one boy and one girl, who were born in October 2014. I grew up in Washington State. In the fall of 1994, I moved to Houston to attend Rice. I never returned. I attended the University of Houston Law Center straight after finishing undergrad. I started my law practice in the fall of 2001 in Houston and I’ve remained here ever since. I love Houston–the people, the can-do attitude, the eclecticism, even the summer heat.

I enjoy reading, cooking, music (indie but strangely I’ve shifted more towards classical), baseball, and movies. Oh, to have the time to enjoy those things!

Why I’m here

I enjoy writing. For me, writing a blog feels like a more effective way to more fully describe how I feel about a particular issue than posting a Facebook rant or snarky Twitter tweet.

I want to write more frequently about non-legal subjects to hone my writing skills. I’ve found lawyers can be such awful writers because they write too much like lawyers. I desperately want to avoid that trap.

I’m writing this blog to put myself out there and be more of a presence in my community. I’m not necessarily interested in using this blog to describe my legal views and expertise, although I occasionally enjoy writing about legal trends and topics. I want this blog to help friends, colleagues, and even prospective and current clients understand what makes me tick and what’s important to me. If some of the folks who read my blog enjoy it and keep me in mind for a future legal issue, so much the better.

I’ve tried to write a blog before but I’ve always had problems sticking to it after a week or two. I can always find an excuse to delay posts. Not anymore. I want to write and update this blog on a routine basis.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy reading my posts in the near future. I hope this post doesn’t come across as a pretentious “Declaration of Principles.”


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