Lacking ideas

This picture exhibits my problems with sustaining a blog:

I sat down last night to write something, anything, just so long as I posted something. Unfortunately, nothing came together. I started writing a post about watching The Bicycle Thief as a parent and how I identify with the father now more than ever. About halfway through writing the post, I didn’t like what I’d written and I quit for the night.

I’ve faced this problem in the past. I’ve tried before to write blogs only to see them peter out within weeks. Generally, I’m motivated for the first week or two. Ideas come easily, whether it’s a topic I’ve pondered for a while or something new that interests me, and I bang something out pretty quickly. I subsequently run out of steam when I’m trying to write the perfect, authoritative post on a topic. I then give up and turn my attention elsewhere. I’m determined to change that this time–really, I swear–but how? Should I use The Daily Prompt to shake something loose? Should I write about what everyone else writes about and be content to add my voice to the chorus? Should I force myself to publish whatever I’ve written after fifteen minutes?

Maybe I’ve been going about this all wrong. The most recent Blogging 101 assignment suggests I should write a post for my target audience. That’s all well and good, but I’m not sure who my target audience is just yet. Have I been trying to write for the wrong people? Maybe I am my own target audience. If I don’t like my writing, no one else will. Certainly, I want my blog to be an interactive experience. Otherwise, I’d write a private diary, right? But what’s the point if I’m not happy with my work product? It’s not like anyone is paying me to write this blog.

That may be the secret–I need to write for myself and the ideas will (hopefully) come to me. I’ll give it a shot.


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