My wild Saturday night

So this is my night. It’s 9:30pm. Everyone’s fast asleep. I’m looking forward to a little time to relax and read. I walk downstairs to our home office to chill with my GSD Diego. I turn on the computer to listen to the new Sufjan Stevens album (gorgeous and absolutely heartbreaking, BTW). As I start reading an article on the exploding popularity of special economic zones, I crack open a homemade brew from a batch I made a while back. I wasn’t particularly happy with the batch because it had carbonation issues, among other things. Well, I found out where all the priming sugar went–into this single bottle. The damn thing explodes all over my jeans, the floor, and Diego’s bed. Ugh.

I can take a hint. I’ll finish my night with a St. Arnold’s Summer Pils and call it a night, thank you very much. That homebrew batch needs to go!


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