Getting out of the office more often

It never ceases to amaze me how much more productive I can be when I work outside of my office.

Today’s office: Latte on the Square

Today I have a deposition in La Grange. I decided to drive out a couple of hours early and bang out some work at a coffee bar across the street from a courthouse. Notwithstanding my post here, I’ve been able to accomplish much more work here than I accomplish at the office.

Here’s why I like working offsite: no phones interrupting me. I have fewer opportunities to goof off on the Internet (even with wi-fi). I have fewer questions to answer. I have fewer distractions with colleagues discussing last night’s Astros game. I don’t mind doing any of those things, but I’d prefer to limit my time doing them.

I’ve long thought about spending a couple of hours at Starbucks a few times a week. It makes sense to me as a means to reduce distractions. I’ll try it tomorrow morning during my “normal” office hours, when I have a motion that requires me to focus.

What do you do to limit distractions while working?


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