Friday Song to Start the Weekend: Aerosmith, “Sick as a Dog”

Being sick is the worst.

Have a great weekend. I’m thinking about those dealing with the aftermath of flooding in Houston and throughout Texas.


Eggs Benedict: Memorial Day breakfast

I felt like cooking something fun this weekend. The forecasts of torrential rain throughout Texas scared me from grilling, my traditional Memorial Day cooking method. So, I decided to wake up early today and make Eggs Benedict with oven-roasted potatoes and asparagus.

I’d botched the hollandaise sauce the last few times I tried it with our new blender. I decided to change my recipe instead of mastering the new appliance. I went Modernist and cooked the sauce sous vide. I had to change a couple of items in the recipe. I don’t have a whipping siphon. Also, I didn’t have any dry white wine this morning. The grocery store wouldn’t sell me any wine at 5:30 a.m. so I substituted more white wine vinegar. The vinegar seemed to work just fine.

I’m generally pleased on how the hollandaise sauce turned out despite my efforts. I could have blended it a bit more with an immersion blender to reduce some of the lumps. I can see how a whipping siphon would make the sauce super-light, as long as one blends the heck out of the sauce before pouring it into the siphon.

As an aside, please take some time this Memorial Day to remember those soldiers who died serving the United States during wartime. But for their sacrifice. I couldn’t prattle on about trivial diversions like cooking.

Friday Song to Start the Weekend: B.B. King, “The Thrill Is Gone”

The King is dead. He used space between notes better than anyone. What a life.
Have a great weekend!

Work it out week 2

After a long hiatus, I returned to the gym for the second week. I lifted weights today after doing cardio last week. I followed my friend Mike’s suggestion and started with a Stronglifts routine. The Stronglifts approach is straightforward enough: five sets of five reps each (not including warm-up sets) for squats, bench, and barbell rows for the Workout “A” day. I’ll tee up Workout “B” on Wednesday.

Some observations after tonight:

  1. My legs are sore. I’m grateful I don’t live in a three-story house.
  2. I’m reasonably happy with my form even after the long layoff. I’m happy I didn’t forget how to do this.
  3. I have a long way to regain the strength I had several months ago. I was never going to challenge Magnus ver Magnusson for the World’s Strongest Man title. Nonetheless, I felt much stronger when I stopped a few months ago than I feel now. At the same time, I wasn’t quite as weak tonight as I thought I’d be. My muscles didn’t forget everything over the span of several months. That gives me a small measure of hope.

I want to make exercise a regular part of my life again. Today represented a second (small) step in that process. So far so good!

Belated Friday Song to Start the Weekend: Beethoven, piano sonata no. 8, “Pathetique”

I had too much going on yesterday and I didn’t make time to post a song. That’s what happens when you wake up at 3:45 am to travel to lovely Plano, Texas for a deposition. At any rate, I heard this sonata while listening to Pandora this afternoon. I heard it just after the twins went down for a nap. When I heard it, I stopped whatever it was I was doing and listened. I enjoyed the few minutes of peace.
Enjoy your weekend!

Workout mix 150507

I need my music to be LOUD and fast when I do cardio. Here’s a snapshot of what helped me get through today’s lunchtime elliptical session.

I have these songs on my iPhone. I have a workout mix playlist that I set to random after I started with “Supernaut.”

I need to get some new workout tunes. The list above includes four songs recorded in the 1970’s. The most recent song is the Simian Mobile Disco track released in 2007? Geez. That won’t do.

What music (if any) helps you get through a workout?

My seven dirty words

I loathe reading the following words or phrases:

  • Verbiage;
  • Game-changer;
  • Incentivize;
  • Impactful;
  • Break down (as in, I will break down the Rockets’ abysmal performance in Game 1 versus the Clippers);
  • Outside the box; and
  • Luxe.

These are my seven dirty words. I cringe whenever I see them. They strike me as meaningless jargon.

What jargon words or phrases do you hate?