Work it out

Today, I returned to the gym after a prolonged absence.  I could discuss ad nauseum the myriad reasons on why I haven’t exercised on a regular basis in the last several months. I have less time than before thanks to the joys of fatherhood, I couldn’t overcome the mental block of starting a new workout routine, etc. Who I am kidding? Those reasons are just excuses. At least for today, I decided not to let those excuses prevent me from exercising.

I hit the elliptical during lunch. I pushed myself but I didn’t keel over and die. And I felt fantastic afterwards.

I need to remember this is a process. I need to make it a regular part of my daily routine. I’ll increase the level and complexity (read: add weightlifting) as I build up stamina, but the last thing I need to do is to get so sore after the first day that I’m discouraged from returning the second day.

Today, I exercised because I wanted to feel better physically and mentally. I haven’t focused on any benchmarks.  The numbers will come if/when I stick to it.


2 thoughts on “Work it out

  1. Get after it, buddy. When you do start weightlifting I recommend Stronglifts 5×5 for simplicity and it gives your whole body a workout with compound, functional movements. Don’t want you wasting your precious time on the adductor machine 😉


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