PB&J Gelato

Last night, I made PB&J gelato a la Modernist Cuisine at Home. I wanted to make ice cream/gelato at home for the last few weeks. I wanted to test-run a new dessert before the weekend. What a fun, tasty, and fairly easy dessert to make! My notes:

  1. The gelato had an intense roasted peanut flavor with a hint of sweetness. I used natural peanut butter for the PB and grape juice for the J. I prefer strawberry jam on my sandwiches but I didn’t find any strawberry juice at the store. I don’t think using a different juice would change the flavor all that much due to the intensity of the roasted peanut flavor.
  2. I was afraid the gelato might turn out gummy. I feared I added too much xanthan gum. That worry disappeared after I froze the gelato. I had no problems with the consistency of the gelato.
  3. I didn’t put the ice cream maker in the freezer for a sufficient period of time before churning. It stopped freezing about halfway through the process. I wonder how this affected the gelato, if at all.

All and all, it’s an easy dessert to make at home, provided you have an immersion blender and an ice cream maker. I’ll make it again!

More pics:

The ingredients

The ingredients





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