Friday Song to Start the Weekend: Aerosmith, “Come Together”

I mediated two cases to finish my week. Both cases were half-day mediations. Yesterday, I volunteered at the Dispute Resolution Center of Houston. Today, I mediated for pay. One settled and the other one came close to doing so.

I enjoy mediating cases. I like helping people and parties find common ground. I don’t want to mediate full-time at this point in my career. I enjoy my day job as an advocate far too much. Nonetheless, I enjoy mediation as a supplement to my practice. My mindset with my mediation practice is totally different from my mindset with my cases where I’m a hired gun. As an advocate, I think about my cases beyond “normal” business hours. As a mediator, I easily move on from the mediation as soon as the session has finished. I follow-up with parties after mediations but it isn’t the same as living with a case.

I don’t believe the Aerosmith cover version beats the Beatles’ version. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have the Beatles catalog available.

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!


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