Griffey and the best catch I’ve seen

A brief Ken Griffey, Jr. story to reflect on his impending induction and the greatest catch I’ve ever seen in person.

I attended this game at the Kingdome with a friend. I was home from my freshman year at Rice.  I sat in the upper deck in between third base and home. Kevin Bass cracked a shot to the right-center gap. As I saw the ball come off the bat, I thought Bass had hit it out. Then I thought it would be a double. Meanwhile, Griffey sprints towards the fence. I think there’s no way he’s going to catch it. And then SMASH! Griffey, Jr. slams into the fence:

Somehow–despite breaking his wrist–he caught the ball. Amazing.

That particular game had quite a collection collection of talent. Look at the scorecard: Edgar, Randy Johnson, Cal Ripken, Palmeiro, and Moyer all appear. But Griffey was the best player on the field that day, without question. He clubbed a bomb and another hit earlier in the game. He made the best catch I’ve ever seen.

Thanks Ken.


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