Happy Independence Day!

My favorite things to do on the Fourth of July:

  • Read the Declaration of Independence for some historical perspective.
  • Eat something grilled, preferably hot dogs or hamburgers. Nothing fancy. I’ll test the Serious Eats method of grilling hot dogs another day.
  • Make/eat homemade ice cream. I remember cranking my parents’ ice cream maker by hand as a kid. We typically used it only once a year–July 4.
  • Fireworks. Growing up, we’d have to hit the Muckleshoot reservation for bottle rockets and firecrackers. It’s a little easier to buy the good stuff in Texas.
  • Baseball. I don’t recall attending any games on July 4. One on TV or the radio works for me.
  • Listening to Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever at least once.

How do you like to celebrate July 4?