Friday Song, Independence Day Edition

The NPR Music folks created a wonderful July Fourth playlist. The list contains songs from the usual suspects: Sousa, Gershwin, Copland, Joplin, Guthrie, Bernstein, etc. Unfortunately, the editors omitted one important tune celebrating the greatness of the United States:

Have a great Independence Day!


Friday Song to Start the Weekend: Clutch, “X-Ray Vision”

The song absolutely rocks. The song, the X-Files inspired lyrics, the astrological roll call of the band members…all wonderful.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Song to Start the Weekend: The Rolling Stones, “Can You Hear Me Knocking”

Happy Birthday Keef! You will outlive us all.


Friday Song to Start the Weekend: Slade, “Merry Xmas Everybody”

I should have included this one on my list of favorite Christmas songs. I’m surprised Slade never made it in the US.

Have a great weekend!

Favorite Christmas Songs

I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit. I spent several hours last Saturday listening to a Christmas station on Pandora. Oddly enough, it seemed to do the trick. Here’s my playlist of ten faves:

What songs get you going for Christmas?

Thursday Night Song: Alice Cooper, “Elected”

I didn’t watch either of tonight’s GOP debates (varsity or JV). For some reason, I had this old Alice Cooper song stuck in my head. The video seems apt.

The chimp smoking and wearing roller skates completes the scene, no?

Friday Song to Start the Weekend: Aerosmith, “Come Together”

I mediated two cases to finish my week. Both cases were half-day mediations. Yesterday, I volunteered at the Dispute Resolution Center of Houston. Today, I mediated for pay. One settled and the other one came close to doing so.

I enjoy mediating cases. I like helping people and parties find common ground. I don’t want to mediate full-time at this point in my career. I enjoy my day job as an advocate far too much. Nonetheless, I enjoy mediation as a supplement to my practice. My mindset with my mediation practice is totally different from my mindset with my cases where I’m a hired gun. As an advocate, I think about my cases beyond “normal” business hours. As a mediator, I easily move on from the mediation as soon as the session has finished. I follow-up with parties after mediations but it isn’t the same as living with a case.

I don’t believe the Aerosmith cover version beats the Beatles’ version. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have the Beatles catalog available.

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!