Fly on the Wall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

I love reading about history. I could draw up a lengthy list of Important World Events. The drafting of the Declaration of Independence? Sure. Humans landing on the moon? You bet. Thermopylae? Fascinating. I could have some fun with sports events too. Who wouldn’t want to see Babe Ruth’s called shot in the ’32 World Series, Wilt Chamberlain scoring one hundred points in a single game, or The Greatest Game Ever Played? I could also geek out on some different cultural events too. I can’t forget about events of a more personal, intimate nature, such as my birth.

But one single moment in time? Just one? That’s fairly easy. The resurrection of Jesus. The opportunity to bear witness to the divinity of Christ would be sublime. And if it didn’t happen, I’d like to know that too.


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